Subaru Legacy 2.0 GT

Posted by admin Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Subaru Legacy 2.0 GT

Engine 1994cc DOHC 16 valve, horizontally opposed, 4-cylinder turbo

Transmission 5-speed Sportshift automatic gearbox, all wheel drive

Chassis Macpherson struts independent coilsprings (front)
Multi-link independent coilsprings (rear)

Performance 245hp/6400rpm, 310Nm/2400rpm, 237km/h

Dimensions Length (mm) 4665
Width (mm) 1730
Height (mm) 1425
Weight (kg) 1495

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The first came in 1992, Mitsubishi Evo and Subaru Impreza quickly followed a year later. From that moment, these two cars became arch rival, often locking horns in the tough stages of the World Rally Championship, and in the pub bragging game as the debate raged about what is better, IMPREZA or Evo.

On paper these two seem identical cars, both 2 liter turbo charged engine, permanent four-wheel drive
and through the many changes that followed the two grew increasingly conspicuous wings, flaps and burning wheel.

No matter which one of these road rockets Japanese eventually favored the general consensus of opinion was for a single lap of the race track on the Mitsubishi Evo was nervous a lot more fun. However, for the unity of the track and stick with it easier, but equally capable Subaru Impreza.

Unfortunately, while both the Evo and IMPREZA born to compete in the demanding gravel, asphalt and dirt roads strewn floor of the rally stage, the manufacturers have withdrawn from the competition and the prestige and respect that once was lost . After all, where else could you see your favorite car to win a round of the World Rally Championship at the weekend, and then use the same version on Monday morning for your commute.

Since its glory days of meeting to begin to slip in the past, Mitsubishi and Subaru have released new versions of its legendary vehicles as the Evo X and Subaru Sti. However, it is the era of four-door supercar dining beginning to happen? Especially now that the front wheel drive hot hatch seems to be making a comeback.

While Mitsubishi has continued with the four-door saloon theme, Subaru has branched out with new courage and a IMPREZA gate. Time will tell if this has been a success, but their bulbs xenon headlights powerful in front of his big spoiler wing on the rear, both cars still look ready to take on a rally stage, and that More importantly, both cars have the performance and handling of more exotic machinery humble.

Unfortunately, the motor press has not been too kind to any of these new versions, with many believing that the previous generations of Evo IMPREZA and offers greater driver involvement and enjoyment. This problem has been compounded by the new range of hot hatches Ford, Vauxhall and Renault, which offer similar levels of performance for less effort.

The latest Mitsubishi Evo and Subaru Impreza cars are still incredible, but no longer have the field to themselves as manufacturers of vehicles and try to save more in their production, we can begin to see these niche models disappearing.

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Subaru EJ engine(boxer engine)

Posted by admin Saturday, June 27, 2009

Boxer engine(ej 25)

Subaru EJ engine is a series of automobile engines manufactured by Subaru, a division of Fuji Heavy Industries introduced in mid 1989 for the 1st generation Legacy. The engine was designed by Masayuki Kodama, Shuji Yamada, Takemasa and Family Health International Ltd. Sawafuji of this series of engine 16-valve 4 horizontal plane, with configurations available for SOHC and DOHC, naturally aspirated and turbocharged. These engines are used in light aircraft, kit cars and engine swaps Volkswagen air cooled, but is also popular as an exchange in wasserboxer engined Volkswagen Type 2.

Boxer engine(EJ 25)

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Impreza Third generation | New generation

Posted by admin Monday, June 22, 2009

On 2007, Subaru officially unveiled the next generation in IMPREZA WRX 2007 New York Auto Show. In contrast with his great rival, the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo, the IMPREZA increasingly positions itself as a practical performance car - the suspension, for example, is more flexible every day the roads over the track Evo oriented. Similar to the marketing of the Mitsubishi Lancer, Subaru plans to offer a smaller volume of a little luxury, well equipped, sporting IMPREZA models, unlike other contemporaries such as the Honda Civic, Mazda3 and Toyota Corolla that offer no basis for ornaments, decorations. The new IMPREZA offers a 4-door sedan and 5 door Hatchback.

The new base model IMPREZA is 50 mm shorter than its previous version, but is wider and has a wheelbase. IMPREZA on board is much more open and easier to configure. Also for the first time the window frames are now on them to improve levels of NVH and stiffness of the car. [9]

In the Japanese domestic market consists of the range of 1.5 liters 15S, 20S 2.0 liters and 2.0 liters turbocharged GT-S. Variations are found in other markets in the world: In Australia, the launch range includes three models of 2.0 liters (R, RX and RS) and a 2.5 liters turbocharged WRX.

In the market for United States (the U.S. market was the only one who gets up that sedan made its debut in Japan in autumn 2008 as "IMPREZA Anesis') for the 2008 model year, the model range consists of 2.5 liters, 2.5i and Outback Sport and the 2.5 liter turbocharged WRX. Both the 2.5 and 2.5i are surpassing electronically limited 180 km / h (112 mi / h ). The EJ253 engine carries over from the previous generation to power the 2.5i and EJ255 engine carries over from the previous generation (although it now uses many components of the engine external Legacy GT) for powering the turbo WRX levels finishing. In the Canadian market, IMPREZA 2.5i base model received updates for the 2009 model year, including rear disc brakes, electronic stability control and traction control, and body-colored door handles, the features previously found only in 2.5 and most expensive sports ornaments in 2008.

Since September 2007, IMPREZA range in Australia has changed over the models designated R, RX, RS and WRX. Initially only offered hatch models. The R, RX and RS all share the same engine - a new 2.0 L, 110 kW (150 PS, 148 hp) @ 6400 rpm and 196 Nm @ 3200 rpm. Subaru recommend that the new engines that run on 95 RON premium unleaded fuel. Another notable difference from the Japanese IMPREZA is the removal of the "engine start" button on the Australian model. The iconic WRX has practically the same engine power of 169 kW (230 PS, 227 hp) and 320 Nm of engine 2.5 L. As with previous versions, there will only be a manual version of the WRX. The weight of the car has also been relieved just 1400 kg, and gives the WRX a 0-100 mph time of 5.8 seconds.

The latest generation of STI (which is formed on the gate only) debuted at the Tokyo Auto Show in October 2007. The U.S. release date It is expected that in March 2008. U.S. STI code CR chassis, different from the one used for the RI 2008 WRX chassis. The specification IMPREZA STI r manual six-speed reaches 100 kph in 5.2 seconds and has a variable weight manual center differential.

The Subaru Impreza WRX sedan was launched in the Hall of the Sydney October 13, 2008.

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Impreza Second generation 2001

Posted by admin Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Rally ver 2001

Subaru introduced the "New Age" IMPREZA global market in 2001. IMPREZA The second generation was designed to be larger, safer, stiffer, more refined and more sensitive. For many fans, the changes in the new car made less desirable because it was heavier and slower than a raw edge to it. The WRX Sedan had a track of 20 mm wider than its predecessor to help the handling, while the wagon remained the same. The coupe model was no longer available. The ovoid headlamp "bug-eye" style of the New Era was IMPREZA polarizer, but improvements in the car to incorporate a wider acceptance.

In the United States, the release of 227 hp (169 kW, 230 PS) 2.0 L turbo IMPREZA, the WRX, did not take place until 2002 model year, and IMPREZA WRX STi was delayed until the model year 2004. U.S. the STi version includes several departures from the Japanese and Europeans, as a turbocharged 2.5 L engine EJ257, more than double the 2.0 L turbo engine displacement is sold elsewhere. All 2006 Impreza American somehow use the 2.5 L EJ25 engine since naturally aspirated and turbo charged are available.

Some customers and the press' negative reaction to the New Age style Subaru IMPREZA forced to face the car for the 2004 model year, with more conventional square headlight, dubbed 'bubble eyes'. Impreza 2006 everyone, including models action has been redesigned again with the controversial "jet intake and wings" grille first debuted on the Subaru B9 Tribeca crossover SUV, along with new headlights, taillights and bumpers. Opinion is divided on this style, but generally regarded as the best application that IMPREZA Tribeca. The grille design was abandoned in the 3rd generation IMPREZA.

The most basic IMPREZA in Japan is 1.5 i 1.5 Liter SOHC EJ15 engine. 1.5 R comes with the 1.5 L DOHC engine with AVCS, but is only available with automatic transmission, while the 1.5i model is available with either manual or automatic transmission. For both models, 2WD and AWD versions are available. Option packages for either the 1.5io 1.5R include wheel size, seating, lighting and white LED meters measure.

In 2005, they made their Subaru AVCS standard on all engines used in IMPREZA.

For export market, all-wheel drive are offered in 1.6 TS Singapore and other Asian countries. 1.5 sedan normal body is similar to the Sports Wagon. The TS shares wide body with WRX and WRX STI.

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Did you know Impreza???

Posted by admin Friday, June 12, 2009

The Subaru Impreza is a compact car that was first introduced by Subaru in 1993.

"IMPREZA" is a coined word, deriving from an originally Italian word, impresa, meaning a feat or achievement. In Polish, "IMPREZA" means "party", "case" or "show".

The IMPREZA was introduced after the popular Leone / Loyal to canceled the aging EA series engine. The IMPREZA was introduced with the popular EJ series engine found in the larger Subaru Legacy.

Subaru is the only company that can claim that their drivetrain is symmetrical for this size of the class of vehicle.

Compared to vehicles of the same size class, such as Toyota Corolla, Honda Civic, Nissan Sentra, Hyundai Elantra and Mazda Protegé/Mazda3, only IMPREZA AWD has always offered, and since 1996 Subaru made this feature standard equipment in some markets. Subaru produces a smaller volume of a little luxury, well equipped, sporting IMPREZA models, unlike other contemporaries, in the category of compact offering unadorned trims the base.

Subaru chose to continue their longstanding use of the boxer engine in IMPREZA. According to Subaru, the configuration of the engine with the transmission line to minimize the swing due to the lower center of gravity compared to the engines to compensate for most other vehicles. Subaru's design is also lightweight and lends itself easily to support all-wheel drive, with power delivered directly to the front and rear wheels, using a transfer case located inside the transmission. The perfect boxer design to reduce vibration due to the fact that the movement of each piston is exactly countered by the corresponding piston in the opposing cylinder bank, eliminating the need for a counter-rotating weighted crankshaft (harmonic balancer). Torque steer is also reduced with this type of power design from the first drive shafts are of equal length and weight.

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What is subaru??

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Subaru is known internationally for its use of boxer in most of the engines of their vehicles. The company decided to utilize all wheel drive in most international markets as standard equipment in 1996. They also offer many turbocharged versions of its cars, such as the Impreza WRX, which is well known in motorsport, including rally racing. Other models include the turbocharged Subaru XT Forest, Outback XT, Impreza WRX STI Legacy GT and Spec.B.

Fuji Heavy Industries, parent company of Subaru, is currently in an alliance with Toyota Motor Corporation, which owns 16.5% of FHI. The company is named after the Pleiades star group, which in Greek mythology is known as the Seven Sisters, and in Japanese mythology is the name "Subaru", which translated into English roughly means "to govern "," unite "or" gathering. " The company logo is influenced by the Star group. The big star in the logo represents Fuji Heavy Industries, and the five smaller stars representing the current five companies that are united under the FHI group

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